Bharat Bhasker


Bharat Bhasker

M.S. & Ph.D. (University of Virginia), B.E. (IIT Roorkee)
About Faculty

Prof. Bharat Bhasker is the current Director of IIM Raipur. Before joining IIM Raipur, he was associated with IIM Lucknow for over 2 decades having served in various capacities including being the acting Director of IIM Lucknow in 2015. His areas of expertise include Data Management, Network Security and Software Engineering. An authority in the area of digital economy, he has published multiple papers in international academic journals of high repute and authored several books. Dr. Bhasker’s book, Electronic Commerce: Framework, Technologies and Applications published by McGraw Hill, has a globally acclaimed following and is in fourth edition.

Dr. Bhasker was also awarded the prestigious Best Director of Business School Award at Decision Science Institute, USA (Indian Subcontinent) in the 12th annual conference of Indian Subcontinent Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI) in December 2018.

Dr. Bhasker has almost three decades of international experience in industry, research institutions, teaching, management development and consulting. Dr. Bhasker spent 11 years working in the leading research establishments in USA, including seven years with Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, Maryland.

Dr. Bhasker is an active researcher in the area of Electronic Commerce and Big Data Management. For his salient research contributions in Heterogeneous distributed data management and Information access, NASA honored him with the Best Research Productivity Award in 1994.

Dr. Bhasker has also been associated as Visiting Professor with ESSEC Business School, France, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, University of Maryland, University of California and University of Texas, USA.

Dr. Bhasker has also served in Technology Advisory Committee of Controller of Certifying Authorities in Ministry of Information Technology and as a member of Advisory Committee to Unique Identification Authority of India.

Area of Research

Query Optimization, Distributed and Parallel DBMS

M.S. & Ph.D. (University of Virginia), B.E. (IIT Roorkee)
i. Director, Indian Institute of Management Raipur (Since March 2017)
ii. Acting Director, IIM Lucknow, 2015
iii. Professor, IIM Lucknow (Past 21 years)
Awards & Recognitions

2018: Best B-School Director Award, Decision Science Institute, USA (Indian subcontinent) in 12th ISDSI Convention 2018
2018: Top-Rankers Excellence Award for Academic Leadership, Foundation for Organizational Research in Education and Top-Ranker Organization 
2018: Fellow, Computer Society of India 
2014: Outstanding Research Paper Award, IADIS, Spain 
2010: Asia’s Best Professor of Information Systems, Wall Street Journal & CMO Council, Singapore 
2009: Teacher’s Day Scroll of Honor, Rotary Club, India 
2008: Dewang Mehta Best Professor of IT, 16th Business School Awards, Mumbai, India 
2004: Best Research Paper Award, McMaster World Congress, Hamilton, Canada 
2001: Scroll of Honor for Exemplary Services, Rotary Club, Lucknow, India 
1994: Research Productivity Award, GSFC, National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), USA 


Edited/Authored Books

>> Bhasker, B. (2010). Recommender Systems in e-Commerce: Methodologies and Applications of Data Mining. Tata McGraw Hill Education

>> Bhasker, B. (2003). Electronic Commerce: Framework, Technologies & Applications. McGraw Hill Education, 4th Ed.

Journal Publications

>> Kiran, R., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2020). DNNRec: A novel deep learning based hybrid recommender system. Expert Systems with Applications. Expert Systems with Applications, 144

>> Kiran, R., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2020). Oslcfit (organic simultaneous LSTM and CNN Fit): A novel deep learning based solution for sentiment polarity classification of reviews. Expert Systems with Applications, 157

>> Gupta, M., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2019). DPRel: a meta-path based relevance measure for mining heterogeneous networks. Information Systems Frontiers. Information Systems Frontiers, 21 (5), 979 - 995

>> Kumar, S., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2018). Interplay between trust, information privacy concerns and behavioural intention of users on online social networks. Behaviour & Information Technology , 37 (6), 622 - 633

>> Gupta, M., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2017). Clustering of Micro-Messages Using Similarity Upper Approximation. International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems , 25 (01), 53 - 79

>> Bhasker, B. (2017). Personalized Item Ranking from Implicit User Feedback: A Heterogeneous Information Network Approach. Pacific Asia Journal of Association of Information Systems , 9 (2), 23 - 42

>> Kumar, P., Gupta, S., & Bhasker, B. (2017). An upper approximation based community detection algorithm for complex networks. Decision Support System , 96, 103 - 118

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>> Soam, S. S., Khan, F., Bhasker, B., & Mishra, B. N. (2013). Prediction of MHC Class II binders/non-binders using negative selection algorithm in vaccine designing. Journal of Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis, 5 (2), 16 - 24

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Conference Papers

>> Kumar, P., Bhasker, B., & Gupta, M. (2016). Clustering of users on microblogging social media: A rough set based approach. International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE), Kochi

>> Gupta, M., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2016). Personalized Item Ranking from Implicit User feedback using Heterogeneous Information Network. PACIS-2016 Chiyai, Taiwan

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Chapter in Book

>> Gupta S., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2016). A Rough Connectedness Algorithm for Mining Communities in Complex Networks. Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery. DaWaK 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 9829.

>> Gupta, M., Kumar, P., & Bhasker, B. (2015). A New Relevance Measure for Heterogeneous Networks. Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery. DaWaK 2015. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 9263

>> Soam, S.S., Bhasker, B., & Mishra, B.N. (2011). Improved prediction of MHC class I binders/non-binders peptides through artificial neural network using variable learning rate: SARS corona virus, a case study. In Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems


>> Bhasker, B. (Chief Editor) (2009). Education for All – Issues, Challenges and Strategic Advantage of Demographic Dividend, LMA Journal.

>> Bhasker, B. (Ed.) (2008). Challenges in Infrastructure Development through Public Private Partnership, , LMA Convention Journal.

>> Bhasker, B. (Ed.) (2006). Public Private Partnership – Issues and Strategies, LMA Journal.

>> Bhasker, B. (Chief Editor), 2004-2007 . Metamorphosis, IIML Publication.

Training and Consultancy

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