Solbrige International Business School

The school focuses on business in Asia while remaining aware of business implications for government and society. The business program focuses on finance, logistics, marketing and technology transfer. SolBridge International School of Business awards both undergraduate major in business (BBA) and MBA degrees.

John E. Endicott, who serves as its Vice Chancellor, and now, President of Woosong University, is known for his work on nuclear nonproliferation (for which he was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize).

SolBridge is the first business school in Korea with an international faculty and student body[8] (international students make-up 60 to 80% of each class). All courses are taught in English following an American curriculum model. SolBridge graduates now work in nations around the world. SolBridge is one of Korea's 15 universities that have been accredited by the AACSB board of executives. SolBridge is the youngest business school in AACSB's history to receive this accreditation, receiving the accreditation just 7 years after establishment.


Yonsei University

The history of Yonsei University began on April 10th, 1885, as Korea’s first modern hospital "Gwanghyewon." Two weeks after opening, King Kojong gave Gwanghyewon a new name - "Chejungwon." Gwanghyewon was established by a medical missionary, Horace N. Allen. Prior to opening, missionary Horace G. Underwood visited Korea, assisting in medical treatment at Chejungwon while starting his work in education and missionary activities. These two missionaries' work that is based in Chejungwon has become the foundation of Yonsei.