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Journal Publications

Product Quality Optimization vs. Production Capacity Optimization: An Analytical Perspective
Author's: Mohit Goswami, Yash Daultani
Publication In: International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management

A deep learning-based approach for performance assessment and prediction: A case study of pulp and paper industries
Author's: Jauhar, S. K., Raj, P. V. R. P., Kamble, S., Pratap, S., Gupta, S., & Belhadi, A.
Publication In: Annals of Operations Research

Identifying research trends of machine learning in business: A topic modeling approach
Author's: P Pramanik, RK Jana
Publication In: Measuring Business Excellence

The balancing act: How do moral norms and anticipated pride drive food waste/reduction behaviour?
Author's: Talwar, S., Kaur, P., Kumar, S., Salo, J., & Dhir, A.
Publication In: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

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